Tommy Boyd Shrine Audio Archives

This is a definitive Tommy Boyd audio collection featuring some of the best material, shows, and arguments from a variety of radio outlets over the past twenty years. The archives are work in progress and incomplete featuring rare fan submitted audio from Tommy's radio career!

BBC Southern Counties (2004 to 2006) The best of Tommy Boyd and Allison Ferns. Relive it here.

Bob Staunton (2004 to 2005) is Tommy Boyd's alter ego that had contributors from BBC Southern Counties radio fooled for several months. Hear the complete collection here.

The best of the afternoon show on Talk Radio (1997-98) . See what outrageous propositions Tommy got away with in this rare compilation. Contributions from Peter and Dave.

Over 50 very rare high-quality trails from Talk Radio (1997 to 98) days including Trails, Jingles, and a couple of Outakes. Special thanks to our anonymous contributor.

Some of the greatest moments on TalkSport (2000-2002) featuring arguments, wisdom and the loathed and the loved from The Human Zoo. Contributions by Daran Crofts.

Here you will find some extremely rare material from LBC (1980's & 1999) courtesy of the personal archives of Leonard Lonberg and Andrew Wooding.

We hope you enjoy the CD, Regards Jason & MickYNWA

All audio material unless specified otherwise, is the Copyright of the appropriate broadcasting organisation. These files are not hosted on our servers or site. We merely link to where others have uploaded. Thanks to all those who contributed MickYNWA, Dave, Leonard Lonberg, Andrew Wooding, Daran Crofts, Peter, Chris at Soul Brother recordings and everyone else whos has contributed and supported the site. Big thanks!

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All 34 Best of Compilations are uploaded with links. These are exclusive Shrine compiled compilations for this site.
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Southern Counties (BBC show highlights)
Highlights from the BBC SC shows right from the beginning. This time best of compilations in previously unreleased higher quality. So far highlights from 2004 added more to come

COMING SOON(Talk Radio, TalkSport Best Of, More Southern Counties 2005)
More Southern Counties Highlights, Links to All Talk Sport Best Of, Gym Lesson with Mr Boyd and other classic Talk Radio hours from 97/98 era...

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